John Andrew Ryan

John Andrew Ryan

41 years (24.03.1979), United Kingdom
Having Roots from Britain and Ireland I adore English language and literature and prefer to have students who respect my work and increase the level to know English well. I would like to be not only teacher for my students but also a friend to whom they can rely on in any case. Teaching without homework is my task to make my current and future students feel more confident and comfortable during the classes. I mean this is just in case of grammar and relevant exercises. As regards Speech And Reading including Writing skills ( essays and letters and other correspondence) I combine them into one task through books and media particularly radio, TV, newspapers and magazines, theatre and movies. The skill of retelling is the key to speech. Read and write- nothing learn by heart As Master in Linguistics I put the stress precisely on phonetics and it’s improvement and mastering of accent in English in any dimensions. “ English language is a language of poetry and it has to be nice “ citing William Shakespeare I would like that my current and future students take into account that Mastering English in writing, reading, grammar or speech is a key to achieve perfection As a tutor I prepare for English international exams such as KET, FCE, CAE, IELTS, TOEFL LSAT, SAT etc.


Stratford University
Stratford University


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Preparation for language exams
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