For tutors

You don't know how to make money? Our tutors help to reach the best results, and earn money.

Who can become a tutor?

A professional teacher or an amateur with teaching skills. We will register you with relevant status, and we guarantee that everyone will find their students.
The dynamics of digital penetration allows us to predict a further increase in the share of online learning of foreign languages up to 11% of the market by 2021. Stay with Polygled, and we will provide you with a steady employment.

Work with Polygled

Simplicity of scheduling, payment guarantee, audio and video communication with students, file exchange for classes.

Polygled implements a new approach to learning foreign languages.

Quick registration for certified and non-certified teachers, user-friendly interface.

Sustained growth in demand for services along with the platform growth. Access to users from all around the world at your convenience. Blockchain as a payment guarantee. Ratings and motivation systems.

Using both video and audio communication in one platform. Convenience of scheduling and organizing the classes. Freedom of creativity.

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