About “Class” module

The idea of the “Class” module

1.    All the schoolchildren learn a foreign language, sometimes two or three... 

Having classes with a teacher is a possible way to learn a language, but there is also a strong need to support studying with the language practice. Without it any foreign language becomes passive and communication skills disappear.

For a schoolchild is quite hard to find a speaking partner, especially a native speaker. Also regular practical lessons with a native aren’t affordable enough.

2.    In the Class module each student has the opportunity to practice real-life communication in any studied language by chat, video- and audio- calls. Students can continue practicing  free of charge at any place with the Internet connection with the help of web and mobile apps.

3.    For teachers, the Class module is an opportunity to integrate daily practice with native speakers into the educational process free of charge, to control the volume of communication, as well as to use the module to send electronic homework, to communicate with their class in a shared chat room and much more.

4.    Signing up on the website/application, indicating your native and target language, interests and preferences, is done in a friendly interface. It is organized specifically for educational institutions — participants of the international Polygled project, using guidelines developed specifically for this purpose. The curator helping new module users could select a class of peers in another country or chat partners who learn your language and know the one you are learning. 

5.    The teacher provides language theory (grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing skills, etc.) and the Class module provides an opportunity to apply this knowledge in practice through communication with a native speaker, a peer.

6.    The platform supports an interface in the language of any country where it is beginning to be used. For different activities, the platform calculates convertible bonuses — Gleds, which you will be able to spent on covering your expenses on Polygled commercial products.

7.    In the long run, the Class module is a part of mandatory standard for teaching foreign languages in schools and universities across the globe. For schools and universities using this module is and will stay free.

8.    The constantly growing platform currently partners with schools and universities in Mexico, Spain, Italy, Russia and Indonesia providing free language practice.  Aiming to switch to Class module educational institutions across the globe, Polygled has recently signed the agreements with Indonesian Teachers Association, PGRI, that unites over 3 million educators and with the Russian Educational Centre in Spain.


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