What to do on Polygled?

4 things do on Polygled


✓ Practice languages at the Polygled Speaking Club. For all those who want to develop their conversation skills, you can try the first lesson in the club for free! To do this, enter "Free speaking club" in the search box in the "Courses" section. 

For each course you can also enroll directly in the application — find the course you need in the "Courses" section in the lower menu of the application.

! We remind you that online classes and course materials are available in the web version of the platform after registrationTo see the course content, click  Pass the course .


✓ In addition to chatting in the "Messages" section, you can also call your chat  partners from the application or the web version of the platform. To do this, go to the chat  partner's profile by clicking on their avatar in the message list (if you are using the web version, point your cursor at the conversation partner's avatar and go to their profile by clicking on the menu that appears).  Or find a new one in the "Chat Partners" section in the lower menu of the application window or in the top menu of the website.

On Polygled you can talk with or without video. If you feel uncomfortable talking to someone you don't know in video mode, choose an audio call. Both audio and video calls can be scheduled in advance: open your chat partner profile in the app and touch  Schedule a conversation  button. In a web-version you will need the  Suggest a conversation  button next to the name of the chat partner in his/her profile or the  Schedule button  in the "Chat Partners" section.


✓ During the call, you can play ice breaking games. It's an easy way to quickly immerse yourself in the conversation from the first minutes, avoiding embarrassment and awkward pauses and without thinking of what to talk about. The games are designed to help you really talk in a foreign language. 

During each call, the Context button, if you are in the application, or the Games button, if you are at polygled.com, will be activated in the conversation window in the lower left corner. Clicking on it will start one of the 6 games that you and your conversation partner will choose.


✓ We also have some interesting quizzes and tests.

● The "Tests" section has not only language proficiency tests, but also tests that will put you in a language environment. We bet you will learn a lot about the country of the language you are studying.

You will find the tests in the menu ●●● at the bottom of the application window (or in the menu ●● at the top of the website).

● The section "Quizzes" is an excuse to "stretch your brain" while having fun. Check how good you are ;)

Discussion of results can diversify the speaking practice with online chat partners!

Quizzes are available via this link, or on the website, in the  menu ●●● at the top of the page.



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