The Gled Bonus System

What kind of bonuses?

Polygled gives you Gled bonuses for your activity. You can't buy them, you can only earn them!

The Gled are an opportunity to get additional features, to stand out among other users, to attract new interesting chat partners, to give virtual gifts and much more! 

What are the Gled awarded for?

  • Register in the program - 10 Gled (awarded once).
  • Fill in and set up your profile completely - 8 Gled (awarded once).
  • Find a chat partner (beginning your first conversation in the system) - 5 Gled (awarded once).
  • Find a tutor (sign up for the first lesson) - 15 Gled (awarded once).
  • Invite friends (friends registering by your promo code) - 10 Gled (unlimited).

We are planning to expand the list of encouraged activities and will inform you about new promotions!

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