The Gled Bonus System

What are the bonuses?

Gled is our thanks for your activity on Polygled.

You can't buy Gleds, you can only earn them!

Gled is an opportunity to get additional options, to stand out among other users, to attract best chat partners, to give virtual gifts and much more! 

What are the Gleds  awarded for?

We will award you Gleds for registering, for inviting friends to Polygled and for each dialogue or lesson you have had on Polygled

g To sign up on Polygled — 10 Gled (awarded once)

g To complete and set up your profile — 8 Gled (awarded once)

g To find a chat-partner (to begin a first conversation) — 5 Gled (awarded once)

g To find a Tutor (to sign up for a first lesson) — 15 Gled (awarded once)

g To invite friends (friends should enter your promo code when register) — 10 Gled (awarded an unlimited number of times)

We plan to expand the list of encouraged activities and will be sure to tell you about new promotions!

We are working to make Gleds a form of payment for the services that you can get on Polygled!


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