Registration for tutors

How to register?

1. You only need an email address or Facebook, Google or VK account to register.  

2. If you register with the application, click "TO TUTORS" before entering your data. If you are using the web version of platform, click  Become a tutor   in the registration window.

3. After registration, you will receive a notification to the email address you entered during registration, asking you to confirm the email address by clicking on the link from the letter. Only after you follow the link from this letter, you will have an access to all the features and chat partners profiles on the platform.

! Emails from new addresses may go to the "Spam" folder — if you don't see an email with a notification from Polygled in your inbox folder, check the "Spam" folder. 

4. When register, fill in all the profile fields, including language specializations and the "Additional brief info" section — this will allow your future students to easily find you on the platform and draw their attention to your profile.

5. You can also upload the welcome video which will also make your profile attractive for new students.  Place the YouTube link to your video in the "Video presentation" field.

6. Often it is important for the user to learn the language with a certified specialist. If you have a Diploma in Pedagogical or Linguistic Studies, make sure you download it. When the uploaded document photos are checked by our managers, you will be assigned the status "Professional" and a  PRO  icon will appear next to your name. In addition, you will have access to giving group lessons in the web version of platform and to place your own programs in the "Courses" section (menu ●●● at the top of the page). 

7. If you have sufficiently advanced language teaching skills but do not have documentation to prove it, you can be a Polygled amateur tutor. Initially, you will be a non-professional tutor. Gradually, students will evaluate each lesson and form your rating ⭐️, which, over time, will allow you to become a fully qualified teacher. 

8. In the Calendar section specify the free hours and days on which you can hold classes (in the lower menu of the application or in the top menu of the web version) and be ready to check for and accept requests from students.

9. You can change the specified information, upload new educational documents and change settings by clicking on the menu in the upper right corner of the application window and choosing the needed tab: "Information" or "Settings". 

If you use the web version of, you can change your profile by clicking on a "pencil" icon next to your name and personal information block. And to change your account settings, go to "Settings" by clicking on the menu in the upper right corner (right of your avatar thumbnail).

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