Chat Partner selection and communication

How to choose a chat partner?

Users from all over the world are already waiting for you!

● Set filters to find an interesting chat partner so that he/she learns your native language and knows the one you are learning. In the "Chat partners" section in the lower menu of the application (click FILTER in the upper right corner) or in the top menu of the web version of

● Find someone who is learning the same language as you are and suggest him/her to practice together.

How does communication work?

Chatting and communication via audio and video calls between users of Polygled social network will always remain free!

start communicating now: chat and make audio and video calls!

or plan conversations with those who are not available online at the moment: send communication requests indicating a time that is comfortable for you. Both audio and video calls can be scheduled in advance: open your chat partner profile in the app and touch  Schedule a conversation  button. In a web-version you will need the  Suggest a conversation  button next to the name of the chat partner in his/her profile or the  Schedule button  in the "Chat Partners" section. 

Scheduled conversations will be displayed in the "Calendar" section of the lower menu ●●● of the App or in the top menu of the web version.

How to identify chat partners I would like to continue communicating with?

Clicking the "heart" icon in the chat partners profile will allow you to form their list in the "Chat partners" section:

● in the lower menu of the application: open FILTER in the upper right corner of the application window and select "Only favorites"

●  in the top menu of the web version: tick the box next to "only" when setting up searching filters

I have no idea how to start communicating...

We recommend that you start with ice breaking games — they will help you get to know each other and make it easy and fun. 

During each call, the Context button, if you are in the application, or the Games button, if you are at, will be activated in the conversation window in the lower left corner. Clicking it will start one of the 6 games that you and your conversation partner will choose.

We have also created a free course of five lessons in English with video, explanations, tests and quizzes on how to start and build communication on social networks! The course is available in the web version

1. Log in to your account on (if you use a mobile, open the site in your browser) and go to the Courses section in the top menu ●●● of the page.

2. Choose the "Let's get acquainted" category and find our course "Let's get acquainted!"  there, as well as short videos with life hacks of social networking in English! 

3. Click the course you are interested in and then click  Pass the course  . Each of the lessons has its own materials uploaded. Find them by clicking the  Read more  button next to the lesson’s name.

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