Ambassador provisions

Statement of ambassadors

The position on the status of the "International Ambassador Polygled»
(Polygled International, Ambassador is)


  1. General Provisions

1.1. This Regulation introduces and defines the status of the "International Ambassador Polygled" in English - "Polygled ​​International Ambassador"), establishes the procedure for its assignment to individuals - citizens of the Russian Federation, foreign citizens and stateless persons, and also determines the procedure for interaction and support provided by the Polygled ​​platform to persons who have been assigned this status.       

1.2. The purpose of introducing the status of "Polygled ​​International Ambassador" is to promote internationalization and strengthen the international reputation of the Polygled ​​platform, expand Polygled's cooperation with educational and other organizations in the world, promote the Polygled ​​brand in all countries of the world, represent the interests and protect the interests of the represented Polygled ​​brand, popularize the Polygled ​​name , Polygled ​​ideas.       

1.3. "International Ambassador Polygled" (hereinafter referred to as the Ambassador Status) is a public status designed to emphasize the contribution of its bearer to internationalization, strengthening of international reputation, development of international cooperation of the Polygled ​​platform, adherence to corporate values ​​of Polygled.       

1.4. Subject to the fulfillment of the provisions of clause 3.11 of this Regulation, the Status of the Ambassador gives its owner the right to implement the following projects in the interests of Po lygled:       

1.4.1. on behalf of Polygled, to conduct presentations of Polygled, both the platform itself and its products sold under the auspices of Polygled., as well as in the framework of various events (seminars, conferences, meetings , etc. ); 

1.4.2. agreed Polygled gratis e advise individuals and entities on the conditions and procedure for registration on the platform Polygled , use and priobre t ix services Polygled platform to distribute free promotional printing and electronic products Polygled;       

1.4.3. initiate the implementation of other projects aimed at promoting the brand, Polygled ​​programs, strengthening the positive image and reputation of Polygled;       

1.4.4. in accordance with the procedure established by this Regulation, contact the Polygled ​​management for support, including financial support, for the implementation of projects specified in clauses 1.4.1-1.4.3 of these Regulations.       

1.5. The Ambassador's status does not entitle its holder to act as the legal representative of Polygled, make statements on behalf of Polygled, perform legally significant actions on behalf of Polygled, conduct commercial, teaching, scientific, administrative or other activities on behalf and / or in the interests of Polygled, for with the exception of activities directly provided for in clauses 1.4.1-1.4.3 of these Regulations, use the logo, other symbols and attributes of Polygled ​​without the consent of the Polygled ​​management.             

1.6. The status of the Ambassador can be assigned to an individual - a citizen of the Russian Federation, a foreign citizen or a stateless person:             

1.6.1. The decision to grant the Ambassador Status is made by the Polygled ​​Management upon submission by the platform employee or the current Ambassador.      

1.7. The Ambassador Status is assigned for a period of 1 (one) year, after which the Ambassador Status is terminated. The Ambassador status can be assigned to the same person several times without restrictions and without a repeated probationary period.             

1.8. The Ambassador status can be terminated at any time by the decision of the Polygled ​​management.             

  1. Requirements for candidates

2.1. A candidate for the Ambassador Status must meet the following requirements at the time of the application for the Ambassador Status : 

2.1.1. I am an active resident of the Polygled ​​platform (be not only registered on the platform, but also regularly use the platform's services) 

2.1.2. a leader for the audience, a bright representative of this audience, who believes in the Polygled ​​brand, considers it worthy to recommend to your friends and acquaintances and to a large target group for which he is a reference and a part of which he himself is    

2.1.3. have developed skills of intercultural communication uu 

2.1.4. for persons who have previously received the Ambassador Status - a previous Ambassador certificate and a written report on the results of activities in the Ambassador Status; 

2.1.5. presence of at least one written request (in any form) of the following officials: the current Ambassador Polygled;   Polygled ​​employee          

2.2. The cooperation of the ambassador with the company is exclusive. The Ambassador is not entitled to agree to a similar status for another similar trademark.   

  1. The procedure for considering candidates and making a decision on granting the Ambassador Status

3.1. The grounds for considering the issue of granting the Ambassador Status is a free- form application of the candidate , to which must be accompanied by a resume (CV) , a letter of motivation (CL) of the candidate and a petition provided for in clause 2.1. 5 of this Regulation.  

3.2. A candidate application with attachments ( electronically scanned copies) is sent to for consideration by the Polygled ​​Management.  

3.3. The deadline for collecting applications from candidates is constant. The term of consideration is no more than 7 days. M Maximum Feed number of candidates - is not installed.  

3.4. The basis for making a positive decision is the candidate's compliance with the conditions and criteria provided for by this Regulation, as well as the opinion of the Polygled ​​Management.  

3.5. There is no appeal against the decision.       

3.6. Candidates, in respect of whose application a positive decision was made, must undergo a training and qualification test for knowledge of the Polygled platform ,       

3.7. The training program, content and methodology for assessing the qualification test, the timing of training and qualification testing are developed and approved by the Chief Methodologist of Polygled .       

3.8. Training and qualification testing of candidates is organized and conducted by the Chief Methodologist of Polygled ​​or a Polygled ​​employee on behalf of the Chief Methodologist .       

3.9. Candidates, after passing the probationary period, who were assigned the Ambassador Status by the decision of Polygled's management, are issued a personal certificate indicating the time period for granting the Ambassador Status.         

3.10. Person who has Lend flax the Ambassador status during the period for which has been granted this status, it is the international Ambassador Polygled ( Polygled International, Ambassador is ) (hereinafter - the Ambassador).   

3.11. The Ambassador is obliged to provide Polygled ​​with a written report on the results of his activities as an Ambassador to . The report form is arbitrary, contains a list of activities with qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the measures taken and the results achieved. Frequency - once every three months, from the date of its provision - within a month following the reporting period.   

  1.                       The order of interaction and support provided by Polygled ​​Ambassadors

4.1. Interaction with Ambassadors is coordinated by COO Polygled ​​or an official appointed by the COO.                 

4.2. The support provided to Polygled ​​Ambassadors within the framework of this Regulation (hereinafter referred to as the Support) consists in providing Polygled ​​with administrative assistance and / or financial support for the implementation by the Ambassadors of the projects provided for by this Regulation.  

4.3. Support is provided to Ambassadors on a competitive basis based on the assessment of the feasibility of supporting the respective application in any form .  

4.4. The basis for considering the issue of providing Support is the Ambassador's application sent to .             

4.5. Based on the results of the Ambassador's work, preferences and rewards are provided . System preferences and rewards contains in n the Annex № 1 hereto.             

4.6. The system of preferences and rewards can be revised at any time by the Polygled ​​platform, while all preferences and rewards accrued but not issued to Amba sador on the date of the revision of the System shall be issued in the current mode, in case of non-violation of all current rules of the Program and the current Provisions of the Polygled ​​Platform.             

4.7. The Platform is obliged to promptly inform the Ambassadors of any changes to the System of Preferences and Rewards, but no later than the day from which the changes come into force.             

4.8. The Polygled ​​platform reserves the right to terminate the Ambassador program at any time without prior notice, to make changes to these rules, as well as to refuse the participant to receive remuneration or to exclude him from participation in the program in case of violations of these rules, unfair participation in the program , including cheating registered users, etc. , as well as performing actions related to the intent to harass, insult, threaten or harass any other person.             

4.9. Participation in the program means unconditional acceptance of its rules.             

  1. Ambassadors' Tasks

5.1. Informing the target audience about the brand or about a specific product / service through the promotion of brand values ​​with the voice of its customers. 

5.1.1. Example: get people interested in the platform and lead them to register on the platform KPI: 100 registered users on the platform with the ambassador's promo code.   

5.1.2. Formation of reviews and recommendations of products or services of a brand on target sites for the company Example: 10 posted positive posts in social media networks with a mention of the brand name, each gaining more than 100 native views. KPI: 10 publications mentioning the brand.   

5.1.3. Warming up the current customer base. Example: activation and purchase by referred customers - 100 purchases. KPI: 100 purchases by referred clients.   

5.1.4. Maintaining the current base Example: Secondary purchase by referred clients - 100 purchases. KPI: 100 secondary purchases by referred clients.   

5.2. Methods for implementing the ambassador's tasks:       

5.2.1. Turn on word of mouth, tell about the brand to all interested and potential interested people on the Internet, offline , share the experience of using the brand's products or services. 

5.2.2. Conduct seminars and master classes, act as an expert, tweet questions on social networks and the media, acting as a professional expert in a particular field. 

5.2.3. Working with Influesers / influencers - integrating the brand into posts, attracting them to the brand , etc. 

5.2.4. Putting it all together 

5.2.5. Any approach will be effective only if the principles and interests of the ambassador coincide with the company's mission. 

Appendix # 1 to the Regulations on the status of "Polygled ​​International Ambassador"


System of preferences and rewards for the Ambassador of the Polygled ​​platform. 


The result of the ambassador's action





Registration of new users with an ambassador's promo code

100 users

1 Star, accrual of glads (platform bonuses) in accordance with the Referral glad system

Informing in social networks of the platform, image on the profile on the platform


Accumulation of stars

10 stars

New status - Silver Ambassador

Informing in social networks and platforms, image on the profile on the platform


100 stars

New status - Ambassador Gold

Informing in social networks of the platform, image on the profile on the platform


1000 stars

New status - Platinum Ambassador

Informing in social networks of the platform, image on the profile on the platform


Placing positive publications in social media networks with the mention of the brand name, each gaining more than 100 native views. 

10 posted positive posts in social media networks with the mention of the brand name, each gaining more than 100 native views. 

1 Star

Informing in social networks of the platform, image on the profile on the platform


Warming up the current customer base - activation and first purchase by referred customers (club, course , etc. )

At least 5 purchases

Cash reward in the amount of a certain percentage of the amount of purchases and the status of the Ambassador

Ambassador - 0.5%

Silver - 0.6%

Gold - 0.7%

Platinum - 0.8%


Payment by transfer of funds after the customer receives the service, payment in the next month after the customer receives the service.



Maintaining the current base - secondary purchase by referred clients

At least 5 purchases

Cash reward in the amount of a certain percentage of the amount of purchases and the status of the Ambassador

Ambassador - 0.6%

Silver - 0.7%

Gold - 0.8%

Platinum - 0.9%

Payment by transfer of funds after the customer receives the service, payment in the next month after the customer receives the service.


Attracting a new ambassador

Each ambassador attracted by you who has passed the probationary period

When calculating a monetary remuneration to the attracted (“your”) ambassador, you are also paid a bonus in the amount of 1% of the amount accrued to the ambassador (not from the ambassador's funds).

Payment by transfer of funds per month of payments to “your” ambassador


Hosting or participating in a public event promoting Polygled ​​- (interviews with Influencers, speaking at a conference , etc. ) reaching over 1000 people

each significant participation with coverage of at least 1000 people (with documentary evidence - circulation, statistical data on the conference , etc. )

For every 1000 people - 1 star, so the accrual of stars depends on the scale of the event.


Informing in social networks of the platform, image on the profile on the platform









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