12 MONDAYS (17:00 msk) for 55$. 12 занятий по понедельникам в 17:00 за 55$.

Learn: English language
Группа стартует по мере набора. We will choose the topic of discussion together
Polygled Courses
Polygled Courses
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Course cost
12  MONDAYS (17:00 msk) for 55$. 12 занятий по понедельникам в 17:00 за 55$.

Schedule of lessons

1. Sharing travel memories
Remember the time when traveling was as easy as ordering a pizza. Share your best travel experience with others.
2. Feast
Tell us about the most important day of the year for you
3. Slow life, self-care
We will discuss the importance of life balance for you
4. Not about people
Dog, cat or pets-free?
5. Emotions
Say what you feel. It is important. And we will help
6. Dreams
What do you dream and dream about?
7. Nature
The age-old question: mountains or sea
8. About people
How social are you?
9. Money
Well-being is an addiction or a source of joy
10. Self - acceptance
What are you? Are you friends with yourself?
11. Names
The simplest question - what is your name - can be the beginning of a discussion. Let's show you how)
12. Friendship.
We are always surrounded by people. Let's talk about the best of them - your friends
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