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What to do if new words are not put off in the memory, the level does not increase, the progress is not as obvious as at the beginning of study? How to overcome the plateau level A2? Almost everyone who learns a language sooner or later faces this obstacle. The "Dealing with people" module will give an extra boost to your language level and will return the motivation you have been lacking for so long. In a friendly environment, we will discuss various topics, improve our English speaking skills and, of course, learn how to properly and logically express our thoughts when communicating with people from different areas of life. Step by step we will get closer to our main goal - to speak fluently in English. Lessons start upon group's completion. After passing the second module "Speaking club (B1-B2)" you: -Learn how to maintain spontaneous conversations -Formulate proposals in such a way as to make their thoughts clear and precise. -Get to know the idioms and slang expressions needed for maximum natural B2 speaking -Activate your passive vocabulary -Get acquainted with new grammatical structures that will add variety to your speech.
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B1-B2_Polygled Speaking Club (ENG) MON_16:00 GMT

Schedule of lessons

1. (0) Nice to meet you
Let's check if everything is settle down with the Internet connection. There are no bags. And we are READY TO GO!
2. Lesson 1. Dealing with friends. Toxic relationship. Colleagues = Friends?
-Learn structure used to do и to be/get used to -Speak about types of friendship toxic friends, true friends, empathy
3. Lesson 2. Dealing with doctor
Speak about Health, Common Illnesses and Diseases in English, Treatment, Doctor’s Questions and Answers of Patient, Patient Symptoms Discuss: What to say at the doctor?
4. Lesson 3.Dealing with family
-Learn structure Conditional 0 and 1 -Speak about details of family relationships, changes in family roles, the generation gap, parental responsibility, the future of the family
5. Lesson 4. Dealing with money
-Speak about profit & loss, loan & mortgage, salary, taxes, opening/closing account -Revise Conditional 2
6. Lesson 5. Dealing with psychotherapist
Speak about mental issues, solutions visit to psychotherapist Revise Conditional 3
7. Lesson 6.Dealing with sport instructor. Do you need one?
Learning objectives: -Your interest in sport -Your experience of playing a sport -Workouts -Money and sport -The importance of international sporting events Revise passive voice
8. Lesson 7. Dealing with 911
Learning objectives: -Fire, Crime, Medical Emergencies, first aid -Comparative adjectives
9. Lesson 8. Dealing with immigration
Learning objectives: -the best countries to immigrate, documents processing, facing problems with employment and insurance -superlative adjectives
10. Lesson 9. Dealing with property
house hunting, real estate, to rent a flat - where, when, how Intensifiers: so, such, enough, too
11. Lesson 10. Dealing with yourself
Learning objectives: -Skills, environment, career, values, plans -Quantifiers: all, every, each, both, neither, either
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