Why do you need English?


Photo: freepic.com

You may have seen that we have launched our own course «English for developers», but if you haven't seen It, you can read it here. But this is only the beginning. We want to continue creating courses that will not only help you improve your language, but also help you achieve important goals.

What does this have to do with common goals? It's very simple: as you know, a language without practice dies, so keep the point in learning English or any other language, it should become a part of your work or daily life, hobby or travels. Therefore, courses that we will be releasing in the next six months will respond to specific requests: English for sales in IT, or aiming to overcome the language barrier.

To create new courses, we will attract not only experienced teachers, but also specialized experts. After all, it is impossible to create a course for developers without professional IT specialists, neither without sales managers in IT to understand what needs to be studied in this area, and finally it is hard to effectively overcome the language barrier without the help of a communication and public speaking coach.

Classes will be held on Polygled, in the new module «Courses», which will not only help us to conduct training, but also help any competent teacher to conduct group classes on a specific program. More information about the module can be found here.

So, why do you need English? Write to our methodist at ys@polygled.com and maybe we will create a new course exactly for you.

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