We are launching quizzes on Polygled!

Quizzes are texts with a choice of answer and result.

What will they be about?

Of course, about the languages, culture and traditions of different countries, travel and education.

Why do we do this?

Edutainment is a concept that exists at the intersection of pedagogy, the entertainment industry, and psychology. The edutainment method has long been proven to be effective, able to interest and engage in the learning process and influence its effectiveness. And believe me, this is not just about children = )

We have just started issuing quizzes, but their quantity and quality will grow immediately. We try to make them bright and informative to encourage you to further search for information and communication, which of course is suitable Polygled.com!

Share your thoughts interests and wishes with us! What tests do you like and which ones would you like to see on the platform?
Please let us know support@polygled.com

Check out quizzes on quiz.polygled.com !

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