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The normal system of learning a foreign language in most schools and institutes generally involves a massive block of theoretical knowledge supported by an array of tests, plus a body of practical workshops, that being good in design, such as discussion clubs, movie nights, video presentations, listening comprehension exercises and giving speeches. Nonetheless remains  at its best benign: students are involved into language practice with their group mates, which introduces an unnatural situation of two learners adopting each other’s mistakes and bringing in no actual “foreign” input.

    At the same time, we all understand the difference between language studies and many others is that unlike biology or physics, knowledge of the language is insufficient and almost none if rarely practiced. A lack of language practice is a disaster that most learners struggle with: it could be a relatively costly and challenging task to make each student work with an individual native tutor and sustaining an extra curriculum schedule whilst attending a school or college is not always easy. In addition, from that tightly selected number of opportunities, it is best for a student to have practice with more than one native — the more, the better, — and to be able to do that on a regular basis.

Besides, there is enough school learning in daily routine of an average child or teenager, and adding up just more classes on top does not quite mean “involving and exciting”. As any language is learnt in practice, there has to be a way to deliver that practice in the form appreciated and enjoyable, not imperatively drilled.

    All of the mentioned above made constant and affordable language practice unreachable by most students, at its most letting learners postpone real use of the language to unsystematic online chatting or traveling. Polygled is proud to present a platform to solve all of these problems with its toolbox available to every language learner anywhere and anytime.

Polygled is a user-friendly platform that can operate on desktop, laptop and mobile, which makes it convenient in different conditions: its portability and handiness all-in-one device and account allows for most effective integration into the learning process.

    Not only lectures, but audio and video recordings, presentations, tests, hometasks and extra materials could all be accessed, done, updated, assigned and checked, shared and examined by the student and the teacher online, giving students rest from piles of notebooks, multiple messengers and cloud storages. All the services of Polygled are provided online, which means accessible from any device with an Internet connection and in any given location, and, therefore, most time effective, but still manageable by the teacher.

Flexibility and immersiveness are two features required for a successful language learning process: here at Polygled we combine the advantages of an online platform with a comfortable out-of-school environment; students are not restricted to some particular time or location in order to take part in language practice - they connect to natives online; the exercices for Polygled classes could be designed in a game or achievement-based manner, which induces learners involvement and interest, much more than in regular offline groups.

In the end of the day, it is important to notice that Polygled offers something hard to find in most schools: the platform allows learners to find native speakers of their age, interest, scope and focus of study. Say, a kid from Indonesia learning English will find a bunch of other kids to discuss music, video games, school life and more in English, instead of repetitive in-class discussions of topics that would normally sound obsolete to most youth.

Moreover, Polygled aims to sustain its products available to schools and institutions free of charge, and for individual learners and private tutors Polygled sets market’s lowest fees for on-platform classes.


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