Polygled ​​launched a course “English for IT developers”


The main goal that we set when designing the course was to make it really useful for IT developers who want to find a job in an international company.

How does the program work?

To remove language and communication constraints, we designed the program “from the simple and familiar to the complex and stressful”. For example, we start the course by working on the text, and then move on to work on the speech. One of the first tasks is to update your CV in English. It is available to all, does not require special knowledge of grammar, so nothing prevents the participants of the course from placing an updated competent CV by the end of the first lesson. Thus, the first sprint aims  to working with texts and documents. In the second — we add oral communication: from the ability to tell abstract stories to the self presenting skills and your work achievements . The second sprint and the course itself ends with training sessions for various types of interviews, such as telephone, behavioural, and case interviews.

The program focuses on the professionally applied component, rather than on the fundamental study of the language. After all, "building the Foundation" takes at least a year, whereas  we hope to receive letters from graduates who successfully work in foreign companies in a couple of months. And, of course, once in an international company, and especially after moving to another country, they will improve their  language skills faster than with any ESL course. Our course solves a specific problem — to help you use the language more boldly and actively when applying for a job and be ready to build your personal brand in the international IT environment.

For further details and for the course enrollment for March-February follow the link https://it.polygled.com/.

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