Polygled expands to Indonesia

Professor Richardus Eko Indrajit, the president of IASA Indonesia and APTIKOM, Ministry of Communications and IT councillor and expert, has joined Polygled as our advisor, to assist us deliver the best learning environment to schools and students and provide his experience and understanding of the local educational system challenges for us to develop.

We formed an agreement with three schools in Indonesia to provide a hundred students learning English with an access to Polygled. Soon school students will join the social network to practice English with native speakers in class and online; this will help learners increase their vocabulary, test their knowledge of grammar, improve listening comprehension and learn more about the English speaking world.

This supports the modern trend for global communication and cooperation, that students later will experience not only in their school curriculum, but in daily life and career development. The English Language teachers at schools have already started to prepare to integrate Polygled into the learning process, so just about the next month school kids will dive into a new world of language speaking opportunities!

Moreover, we expect Polygled presence in Indonesia to grow into a close-to-federal status: recently we have formed an agreement with Indonesian Teachers Association, PGRI, that unites over 3 million educators, to begin our cooperation in introducing Polygled as a language learners’ platform and social network countrywide.


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