Polygled and Alliance Française

Last week, the Polygled platform and the Alliance Française Saratov signed a cooperation agreement. Within the framework of this agreement, teachers from the Alliance Française will integrate the Polygled platform into French language teaching practice. 

The French language and culture centres of the Alliance Française are public organizations established in accordance with the principles and objectives of the Paris-based Alliance Française International Foundation, founded in 1883. The activities of the Alliance Française are supported by the French Embassy in Russia. A total of 12 centres have been opened in the Russian Federation. Also, the centers of Alliance Française are the official centers for taking the international exams DELF/DALF in their regions. The main task of the Alliance Française all over the world, including Russian ones, is to promote the French language and culture. Privileged partners of the Embassy of France, the Alliance Française are one of the most important instruments of development in the Russian regions of cooperation between Russia and France in the sphere of education, culture, science and economy.

The Polygled team has longstanding professional and personal ties with the Alliance Française Saratov Director, Larisa Novikova. "Larisa and I have known each other for about 10 years, we have been doing various joint projects. My work on the development of the Polygled platform was no exception. Here we are 100% matched in goals: The Alliance Française promotes the French culture and language, and Polygled is an effective tool for communication, language practice, and multiculturalism. With our help, the students of the Alliance can already find friends and interlocutors in France and other countries. In addition, the Polygled platform is an international project that is developing simultaneously in many countries around the world, and we already have a request to communicate with French students from India, schools in the Moscow region, and Spain," says Yuri Kunyavsky, Development Director of Polygled Russia.


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