Neurophysiology of language teaching. Why are talking clubs needed?

Shoppe-Grabe at work Use it or lose it! cites research evidence that almost everyone who has studied a foreign language loses the acquired skills after the end of the formal period of study. According to Jost's Laws and the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve, 80% of everything you have learned and even memorized will fly out of your head without practice in just a few days! And in order to memorize a word, it must be repeated aloud (!!!) at least 100 times or encountered in context (in a conversation, in a text, in a recording) at least 10 times. This is how memory works. So what can the market offer us to solve this particular problem?
Existing services - mainly schools and courses, tutors, trainings (online and offline) are now successfully coping with the task of linguistic learning, but they are silent about the subsequent disappointments in the form of loss of skills and gladly accept especially persistent ones into their regulated and paid arms. There is no affordable and comfortable solution for training as a way of life on the market. The solution is Speaking Language Clubs! How can the club help you not to forget the language? Not to force, but to enjoy?
First, to maintain language skills, we create an accessible multilingual environment, where language is not a goal, but a means of natural communication. The condition of regular practice is met!
Second - Loyalty of platform residents - The desire to communicate with strangers is supported by trained moderators. These are not teachers, but communicative people who speak a foreign language well, who know the secrets of how to introduce and make strangers talk, help overcome both language and psychological barriers, how to ensure safety in the sense of not falling face down in the mud, forgetting the right word. Communication in a group - the condition of a socially interactive brain is fulfilled - the connection of all channels of perception and transmission of information, which increases the efficiency of operation and knowledge of the language.
Third - Additional values ​​for club residents - you can and should continue to communicate in several clubs, one-on-one, because this opportunity - to find new chat partners and not lose the found ones is available only in the network of clubs that are organized according to the language principle, but also by interest. This is how personal international networking is formed!
Fourth - for those who need more - new knowledge, new languages ​​- Uber for mentors - a marketplace for additional services for learning foreign languages ​​from around the world! Only we know how to create a real learning community, relying on neurolinguistic methods, and only Polygled ​​has its own exceptional technical capabilities to implement this.
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