Learning is easy!

While Elon Musk is getting ready to present a chip that will be able to control gadgets (the presentation will take place tomorrow, August 28), we would like to tell you about another revolutionary project of his - the Ad Astra school. More precisely, about how in general the education system in it is close to our heart and that we strongly disagree with the fact that language learning is pointless.

Mr. Musk, no chip will ever give you the joy of communicating with a living human being from another continent! And it's easy to check - just sign up for our speaking clubs https://polygled.com/ru/courses?section=all-speaking-clubs.

However, the idea of "freedom" in the educational process is very close to Polygled. Mr. Musk, you are right in one important thing - learning as your own research (of topics you are interested in, ways to learn them) is the most effective approach. In Ad Astra, students build the program themselves and choose, for example, to learn the physics of a car engine. Users of our platform wishing to speak another language simply communicate in it with people who interest them.

In Polygled, as in Musk's school, there are no grades. We have Gleds. The more Gleds you have, the more you have communicated on the platform. And every new conversation means expanding your vocabulary and a new opportunity to find a good friend. And, yes, we will very soon make it possible for you to pay for tutors and courses using Gleds.

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