How an educational center in Spain operates under quarantine with the help of Polygled

Full quarantine has been declared in Spain. Stores, restaurants and, of course, educational centers have been closed. This means that all schools must switch to online training. Including the Russian Education Center, which I run. 

We were faced with a choice: what online platform to use to organize proper classes with the students. We decided to be guided by our needs. 

Like any school, it is important for us that: 

  • The teacher sees the students, can devote time to each of them and work in conversation with the class. 

  • The students can raise their hands and ask questions without interrupting the teacher, as in a real school classroom. We immediately discarded recorded video lessons or text-based class materials: it was important for us to make the students feel as if they were sitting in a class at school. 

  • It is possible to send homework to the students remotely and to receive a prompt response from them. It is preferable that communication between the teachers and students takes place in a single chat room - so that the teacher is not lost in the volume of messages from students from different classes. 

  • The teacher can plan the lessons and make the schedule available to the students, parents and us, the school. 

  • The parents have the opportunity to see how their children receive online education. Since the format is new, we wanted to give the mothers and fathers of our students a chance to make sure that the classes are of the same quality as the ones held at the school. 

Finally, we decided on the Polygled platform. In fact, we started implementing it in our school back in February 2020. But we expected that we wouldn't be fully operational online until September. Because of the quarantine, we had to speed up. 

Now we have completely switched to teaching on Polygled. As director of an educational center, I believe that with its help we can realize all our needs. Here is why:

  • Unlike other online platforms, Polygled is designed specifically for working with virtual classes and is designed for lessons with large numbers of students. That is why students feel as if they are present in a common school class. 

  • Thanks to Polygled, the teacher can post homework, comments or additional course material in a shared chat room, and the students can view it all at any time. This means that work in our classrooms is organized in a coherent manner, and the teachers save time and do not look for messages from the students in different messengers. 

  • The students and the teachers communicate "live". As in "offline" classes, students can ask questions by raising their hand and the teacher answers them promptly. 

  • The parents can come in at any time and see how their schoolchild is doing. 

  • The teachers build the curriculum and post it on the platform, and the students and their parents have the opportunity to see at what stage they are at and what remains to be covered. 

  • Live communication with the teachers. The students can raise their hands like in an offline classroom and ask questions: sometimes it is appropriate in chat rooms, sometimes live. The teachers, on the other hand, can personally monitor the students' knowledge and devote time to everyone. 

As a result, our classes are now little different from those we had before the quarantine. It is important, however, to ensure that the teachers and students comply with the specifications required to work on the platform. We are grateful to the curators who accompany us in our exploration of the world of online education. 

We will definitely continue some of our online lessons even after the quarantine is over. 



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