Helping is easy!

You can dislike your birthday, dismiss federal public holidays, and forget to wish a Happy Teachers' Day to everyone involved (like, for instance, your English teacher). But the New Year is a special holiday that makes the whole month of December a magical month. A month during which you want to be both Father Frost and an excited child standing on a stool at the same time. To give and to receive.

And so we give.

Always - an opportunity to maintain your target language by communicating with native speakers on our platform.

Now and together with - a free class at a conversation club.

In our clubs, we gather people from all over the world, brainstorm ideas, and enjoy (together with the participants, of course) an hour of breaking down boundaries and overcoming distances. Human interaction is valuable, especially now.

Accept our gift and help those who always really need to be helped, but December 2020 is the best time to start.


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