Create your own course on Polygled



Perhaps you have already seen that we launched the new module - "Courses". We would like to tell you what it is, how it will work, and who might be interested.

Who is this module for?

This module is intended for foreign language teachers who want to have group classes online.

And what if I don’t teach, but study the language?

Then you should check from time to time what courses are offered by teachers in the "Courses" module at the moment. Perhaps there you will find what you have been looking for a long time :)

How does the module work?

The module allows you to announce your studying programme, to have group classes in a virtual classroom according to a schedule, using the option of video translation and chatting, where you can communicate with students and upload the needed files for classes. 

Who can create their own course?

A teacher who is registered on the Polygled platform. After creating the course, it will be checked by the moderator and, if everything is OK, the publication will be approved.


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