Best language learning methods

1. Know your motivation

Having a clear understanding of the reason for learning a language gives you a specific goal and helps you stay on track when your language learning honeymoon period ends.

 Write down your motivation. Hang this on your wall.

2. Break down your goal

Research shows that people who break down big goals into smaller ones are more successful in the long run.

3. Find a partner

Setting language goals with the other person will not only give you a healthy sense of responsibility, but it will also enable you to practice regularly. If you communicate in a conversation club, you have several partners at once!

4. Adapt your training to your level and your goals.

Be sure to find a program that will allow you to start learning where you are.

5. Language exchange

You can learn the language the way you want, but if you don't work on developing fluency, you simply will never achieve it. Conversation clubs are ideal places where you can let all your fears make mistakes - everyone there trains their language and makes mistakes, so they understand it.

6. Watch others talk

It may sound strange, but observing people's mouth movements can help you both in understanding and in pronunciation. Different languages ​​have different requirements for lips, tongue, and vocal cords, and simply observing people's mouth movements is one of the best

ways to start tuning in to those differences. Therefore, video conversation clubs are the solution to online learning.

7. Interval repetition is your friend.

The best way to preserve skills and content is to revisit it periodically, even if you think you've made it so far that it seems too easy to view.


8. Fill your brain with natural content

You may not know this, but your brain is already a great vocabulary builder. When you read or listen to something, your brain doesn't really take every word at face value. Instead, it constantly analyzes the frequency with which certain words appear together to anticipate what's next and process speech more quickly and efficiently. That means reading books, magazines, advertisements, etc., as well as watching tons of TV shows and movies with subtitles turned on (in your target language)!


Conversation clubs on the Polygled ​​platform will help you learn and not lose your language skills in a comfortable and rewarding environment!

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