Attention! A revolution!

And yes, we have found it! 

Of course, you are our target audience if you learn languages. We have plenty of courses, it’s just a matter of finding something that suits you. It's hard to work with you, you're sophisticated and tired of the endless process.

But what if together we try not to learn languages, but try not to forget them! How? We will do without reinventing the wheel. Just by communicating!

Learning new words, explaining them using body language; laughing together with the native speaker at making a mistake; recalling grammar, wishing to make a "good impression" on the chat partner, say, from Jamaica.

Do it often, do it consciously. Not ‘learning’ the language but ‘not forgetting’ it. 

And yes, we have checked our metrics, we already have users from 145 countries.

So there is definitely someone to ‘not forget’ any language with.

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