About Polygled in 3 minutes

We would like to master a second or third language for the purpose of traveling, speak a foreign tongue for work, school, and yet a big number of us learn languages for simple fun, personal growth, deeper cultural understanding and personal developments.Polygled is a platform that provides everything necessary for foreign language learners to have practice all in one place, available anytime and everywhere!

The solution we present consists of several layers that together constitute the core modules of a healthy learning process.

The first module provides a social network where everyone can meet chat partners on a daily or even hourly basis and communicate by text, voice or web video calls to practice a foreign language with natives, free of any charge. Here Polygled provides every enthusiast with online hints and syllabi. 

The second side to discover at Polygled is a marketplace for tutors, where professionals can provide info about classes and courses and their bio, attach certificates and diplomas, create and give lessons, and students can easily find a perfect match to teach them. Tutor’s fees at Polygled are made affordable by low commissions charged by the platform.

The third essential module is a system called Class. It allows tutors and teachers give lectures and materials online, and then to assign groups of native speakers to allow students practice. The functional introduces tracking systems to monitor successes of students, so teacher can better support them with topics, vocabulary and discussions.

The groundbreaking feature that appeals to both learners and teachers is that here, at Polygled, we help serve theory and practice together in an easy and friendly manner: teachers and tutors are welcome to use the most modern solutions for delivering materials and knowledge to their students, and then the network helps them find native speakers of the target language to let students have written and spoken real-time practice with different people from all over the globe, letting learners dive into a world of new friends and acquaintances, millions of things and topics to be discussed and discoveries about foreign cultures.

In other words, Polygled is a language learners’ network that offers learning, communication and practice wrapped into a friendly interface, affordable and easy to use.

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